Nestled between San Francisco and San Jose, Hayward, California is the sixth largest city in the East Bay area. The area is a destination for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, with easy access to Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, Lake Chabot, and Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park. Additionally, hiking trails in Hayward Hills offer a panorama view of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the Oakland/Fremont area. Due to the area’s access to all the luxe amenities of the Bay Area with moderately lower real estate price tags, homes in Hayward are exceptionally desirable. Real estate in Hayward is currently a strong buyer’s market, meaning it’s very important to make sure your house makes a great impression on buyers. Below are the top five things you need to do prior to selling your house in Hayward.

Understand the Return on Investment for Upgrading your Home Prior to Selling
The median home value in Hayward is more than $662,000, according to Zillow’s month-over-month aggregated data. This means that even if the pre-sale work you put into your home only raises a buyer’s offer a mere 1%, you’re looking at thousands of dollars in ROI. The average home value rose $200,000 in the past five years alone. Putting time, energy and moderate funds into getting your home into tip-top condition will pay off handsomely when it comes time to officially put your house up for sale. 

Gain Expert Insight from a Top Sellers’ Agent
Your partnership with the real estate agent that you select to sell your home should begin long before they officially list your residence for sale. The best Realtors® in Hayward will be able to provide you with specific instructions on how to earn the highest-possible offer for your home. Typically, these instructions require actions such as repainting certain rooms, moderate staging efforts or making certain upgrades. You can use the data compiled by Effective Agents to gain access to a customized list of the top agents in Hayward that have successfully earned top offers for sellers with houses similar to yours. 

Bring in the Professionals
Don’t cheap out on home upgrades that could lead to prospective buyers moving on to the next house. Hire a professional landscaper to give your house a photo-ready front yard. Hire a handyman to make necessary repairs and fix things like leaky faucets. Most importantly, always hire a professional photographer to take exterior and interior photos of your home. Help your home shine by hiring one that also has the capabilities to film a professional walk-through video.

Purchase Accent Décor
Stage accent pieces in the important rooms of your house that will give them the look of being polished by a professional. For example, set your dining room table with formal place settings, helping potential buyers envision hosting dinner parties in your home. 

Deep Clean
This one may seem obvious, but even if you keep your home professional cleaned year-round, you need to go above-and-beyond in cleaning prior to listing your home for sale or having professional photos taken. This doesn’t mean simply dusting and cleaning the floors. Every nook and cranny should be immaculately cleaned and free of clutter. You never know how closely a buyer or their agent will be looking.


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