With California being a hot real estate market, there are tons of competition. Oakland is one of these hot markets so you must do all you can to make your home stand out to sell. One way to do this is by using spectacular staging tips. Statistics show that 21% of agents claim that staging the home can improve the home value from anywhere to 6% and 10%, according to the 2017 National Association of Realtors’ Staging report. With this in mind, top selling realtors® have some of the best tips for staging your home, and they are as follows: 

Get new light fixtures

Replacing dated light fixtures, light switches, door hardware, and outlets can go a long way. There is no need to replace every light fixture, focus on revamping more central and older lights. The kitchen island pendant, a front porch light, and a dining room chandelier are a few upgrades that can go a long way. Most of these upgrades are easy to do that comes with step-by-step instructions!

Showcase Trending Accessories

Creating an environment that people will want to be in is going to help your home sell. Buyers know that they'll have to redecorate and make their new home their own, though with quality interior design people can see what the home's potential is! You can update your home's appearance with chic and affordable towels, pillows, bedding, and accessories, like a new piece of art hung in a gallery wall. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

One little thing that can improve the appeal of our homes is a fresh coat of paint. It can be white paint or something with a relatively neutral color, such as taupe or beige for living spaces and neutral blue or green for bathrooms. Similar to the accessories, the buyer may paint right over it after they move in, but showing the potential of the home is what is key.

Curb Appeal

Add flowers, plants, weed the garden, mow the lawn, and power washing walkways before putting the home on the market will enhance the home appeal and value. It is one of the main things potential buyers see when looking at your housing in Oakland. So, it's imperative to make a first good impression with the yard. 

Have Repairs Finished

Not only will potential buyers check out the appearance of the home, but they will check the little things, such as how the faucets run. Minute errors can and will shoo customers away, so make sure to check the squeaking of the faucets, creaky doors, smudged or chipped paint, and broken fittings and fixtures. 

When it comes to staging your home in a lot can be done on your end, but for a more professional opinion contact a real estate agent!  A great way to find a realtor in Oakland® is to go to Effective Agents! They can help find the best realtors in your area, and quickly sell your home.rea


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Photo courtesy of Pixabay