We’ve all heard about staging your home. However, many people still are under the impression that it is only million-dollar homes or corporate houses that are in need of staging. This is absolutely untrue. In fact, staging is one of the most clever and effective ways to sell your home faster (and garner a top offer). Staging your home helps the prospective buyer imagine it as their own house, rather than your lived-in home. It can truly help your house stand out among the rest. This is especially important in a buyers’ market, where sellers are competing for buyers. With competition in Fremont, California the way it is any and every way to separate your home should be utilized. A recent survey done by the National Association of Realtors® found that 77% of buyers’ real estate agents believed staged homes made it easier for people to visualize themselves living in that house. These tips and tricks can help your staging be the best on the block.

This might sound obvious, but decluttering is the very first thing you need to do in order to stage your home. The more items you can remove from your home, the larger your home will look to buyers. Rent a storage unit if you are truly serious about decluttering. 

This is a tough one for a lot of people, but putting away your highly personal items helps buyers imagine themselves making your home their own. That wall of trophies honoring your son’s soccer career may be endearing to you, but they likely just look like unnecessary clutter to a potential buyer. Things like an excess of family photos and personal memorabilia can easily be boxed up while your home is being shown. 

Make Things Light and Breezy
From wall color to actual lighting, you should focus on making things light and cheerful in your home. Lighting also helps to combat any stuffiness that may be in your house. Every room should have multiple lights to be used for various purposes. For example, a family room should have great overhead lighting for hosting a family game night. It should also have low-level lighting in areas that make great reading nooks or to cozy up on the couch for a movie night. 

Find an Agent to Provide Expert Advice
A real estate agent’s job is ultimately to sell your house and garner the best offer possible. However, a truly effective agent will be there to help you long before you’re ready to stake the sign in your front yard. When it comes to staging, your real estate agent should ideally come into your home and provide you with expert advice on exactly what to do to make your home the most attractive to buyers. They come into your house with fresh eyes and will be able to pinpoint certain items or attributes of your home that could serve as pain points for buyers. If you haven’t found an agent yet, you can utilize Effective Agents This website uses an algorithm to analyze your house and provide you with a list of top agents in the area that is most likely to sell your home for the best price.


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